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57 (Oh Chill) // Live @ Zandari Festa Review

57 (Pronounced oh-chill) are a Korean rock duo who have made a name for themselves on the Korean underground as one of the most notable bands of their style. We actually first saw them back in 2017 when they played at West Street Live in Sheffield of all places! But this year, they played an underground UV drenched room in the middle of Seoul! Here’s our review of their Zandari Festa 2018 set at Club FF!

Despite their Korean name being “oh chill”, these guys know how to lose it. Their massive, layered guitar sounds, catchy vocals and sheer energy makes 57 an amazing act to watch. The duo seem to have mastered their art, as every song was exactly the right length, pace and style for its place in the set. No riff dragged out for too long, or nothing cut short before it’s time. Throughout the set, 57 showcased many varied sounds and styles of playing. Gradual build ups with clean guitar, massive heavy riffs along with tasty dissonance ensured that 57 kept the crowd hooked for the duration. My personal highlight of the set was a song where the lead vocalist (male) dropped out for an especially soft part of the song, allowing the drummer’s vocals to shine through and compliment the change of mood. The back and forth male female vocals throughout the set was just another thing that makes this band so entertaining. 

57 Live | Kycker Reviews

One thing to remember is that 57 are Seoul regulars. They are one of the hottest bands on the Korean underground right now, and despite playing in Seoul pretty regularly, they still have a a fierce crowd of Korean fans that comes to every show! And now they have one more British fan!

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