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Calva Louise // Live @ Sound City Review

Calva Louise are awesome. End of review. Just kidding, but that fact cannot be overstated. The London based trio just played a set at the Modern Sky stage at District for Sound City, and wow.. i’m actually lost for words. However, I’m going to try and write some to spread the word about this band. I’m not going to attempt to categorise this band, i’ve learnt my lesson. If anyone can come up with a genre name for Calva Louise, let us know. Maybe you should be writing our reviews.

So, Calva Louise are an interesting one. They bring elements of indie, grunge, surf rock, and alien sounding guitar pop to the table, and yes, it works. They carry with them such an infectious, bubbly charisma that works perfectly alongside the sheer mind-bending curiosity of their music. Their songs are excellently structured, but in a way that each track is still unpredictable, weird, and catchy. Oh so catchy. They have an ability to write melodies that, even with unusual scales and sounds, still get the crowd bouncing along to their performance.

Calva Louise Live | Kycker Review

Don’t even get me started on the vocals in this band. The chirpy, somewhat dainty vocal lines that suddenly jump into punk-esque screaming is a total shock to the system, but it works so well. Their harmonies are also very unusual. I like to think I have a decent ear for notations and whatnot in music, but with these vocal harmonies, I had no idea what was going on. But damn, it sounded good. They have some funky looking guitars too.

They treated us to a brand new track for this set (even though all of it was brand new to us) and it was my personal favourite, so whenever that is released, I’m jumping on that. Their final track of the evening was appropriately titled ‘Im Gonna Do Well’. Well, if you keep playing and writing like that, yes you are, Calva Louise, yes you are.

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