False Advertising Live in Korea - Jen | Kycker Interviews

False Advertising Talk Playing in South Korea

Last week, we ended up in South Korea for Zandari Festa. As it happens, so did our friends in False Advertising! We caught up with them to get their scoop on playing on the far side of the world! Q1: Showcasing in Korea is such an out-of-left-field thing that most people wouldn’t have even considered was possible a few years …

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Holy Two | Kycker Reviews

Holy Two – “Invisible Matters” Album Review

This French epic synth duo were one of the best artists I saw at Zandari Festa this year. Holy Two are Elodie & Hadrien, and they put on one of the best shows I have ever seen. Despite there only being well, two of them, they dominate the stage with an effortlessly stylish performance and fantastically crafted songs. I’m slightly …

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Covasettes 2 | Kycker Reviews

The Covasettes – “Wild” Single Review

Manchester indie band The Covasettes are one of the new indie scene’s fastest rising bands. Their last single “Top Drawer” absolutely smashing Spotify, accumulating over 200,000 streams since its release back in July. This is quite unheard of from an independent indie band of this level. They just dropped a new track entitled “Wild”, so here’s our take! The track …

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Laybricks | Kycker Reviews

Laybricks // Live @ Zandari Festa Review

Korean duo Laybricks are hot on the Korean scene at the moment, having released their awesome debut album “People People: We’re All Diamonds“ earlier this year. Laybricks are a Korean duo that blend pop rock with indie, folk and psychedelia, and they’ve made a bit of a stir in Korea this year. We caught their Zandari set at KT&G Hall yesterday, so …

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Love Ssega | Kycker Reviews

Love Ssega // Live @ Zandari Festa Review

Love Ssega is a neo-funk pop artist from London who has come out to Seoul for Zandari Festa on the Sound City cohort, and he played a smasher of a set at the MUV Hall for the British Night last night. With a catalogue of high quality music and the critical acclaim to go with, I was expecting a pretty …

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Red Rum Club | Kycker Reviews

Red Rum Club // Live @ Zandari Festa Review

We’ve all heard of how good Red Rum Club are. They won Pirate Studio’s Prodigy scheme earlier this year, they’ve sold out shows up and down the country and they signed to Modern Sky this year alone. I’m not here to reiterate these facts, but instead I will rave about how awesome they were playing live in Korea for Zandari …

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Clea Vincent | Kycker Reviews

Clea Vincent // Live @ Zandari Festa Review

Parisian artist Clea Vincent makes sweet sounding and easy going synth pop that (despite my usual tastes) I quite like. We heard that her live show was equally charming, so I headed on down to the MUV Hall for the French Night at Zandari Festa to check it out for myself. Here’s our review! Clea Vincent’s set was one of the …

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57 | Kycker Reviews

57 (Oh Chill) // Live @ Zandari Festa Review

57 (Pronounced oh-chill) are a Korean rock duo who have made a name for themselves on the Korean underground as one of the most notable bands of their style. We actually first saw them back in 2017 when they played at West Street Live in Sheffield of all places! But this year, they played an underground UV drenched room in …

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LudiSTELO | Kycker Reviews

LudiSTELO // Live @ Zandari Festa Review

LudiSTELO are an epic synth rock / grunge band that I was lucky enough to see at Zandari Festa 2018’s opening party at The Convent last night. Think all the good parts of stadium rock with none of the pomposity and all of the epicness. I fear the work ‘epic’ may be used a lot in this review. LudiSTELO opened …

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Dead Mans Uke // Live @ Uke East, Norwich

We recently caught the crazy fellas from Dead Mans Uke again, this time at Norwich’s Ukulele Festival, Uke East last week. Who knew that events like this even existed? It’s been quite an eye opener to delve into the wonderful world of ukulele festivals, and who better to take us down the rabbit hole than Dead Mans Uke? Here’s our …

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