DARMA – “Gloom” EP Review

Manchester trio DARMA describe their sound as ‘loudquietheavypop”, as blending the best bits of grunge and alternative indie together and then spitting it back out has proven hard to pidgeon-hole. Having been named as one of the most energetic young bands around by many a review, they’ve gained a decent reputation for volume and vigour. They dropped a brand new EP entitled “Gloom” this month, and it makes for quite a listen. Here’s our review!

The EP opens with lead single “Miasma”, a gritty garage anthem that shows off DARMA’s talent for massive choruses, awesome hooks and vocal lines and gravelly sound. Next up is the comedically named “Procrasturbator”. This track shows off more of the band’s bare-knuckle sound along with an excellent vocal line and a smack-you-in-the-face main riff coupled with one crusty as hell bass sound. Three songs in we have “Hey, You”, which is a little bit Smashing Pumpkins-esque with its major scale heaviness and chorus vocalising. This is my personal favourite track on the EP due the layered vocal parts and overall gloomy but positive feel. Nestled in-between the final two songs we have “Interlude”, a soft and short piece comprising of solo guitar and wordless vocals that leads into the final song on the EP, “You’re Always Right”. This one opens with a phased guitar and yet another spin-your-jaw kind of riff. DARMA seem to be quite good at that. This song also sports a great chorus that channels 90’s Seattle grunge coupled with DARMA’s trademark Manchester grit.

If this EP proves anything, its that DARMA know how to put a great song together. Each track blasts us in the face with meaty guitars that blends both lo-fi garage punk gravel and grunge chunk. More please! 

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