Deliah – “Silence” Single Review

London based Deliah were a pleasant surprise for me today. Combining ambient rock with dark pop and deep synth makes for an interesting combo on a Monday morning. Not only is their new single pretty cool (hence the review), their artwork is slick as hell. Anyway, let’s get on with the review!

Deliah’s new single “Silence” blends so many different sounds it’s pretty difficult to categorise. Heavy and ambient guitars, deep synths and reverbed / crunchy pad sounds come together and carves out a nice style of synth rock. The vocals are nicely layered and structured almost like a pop vocal, giving the track all the catchy hooks it needs. The drums in this song are marginally industrial, sounding like they were recorded in the middle of a disused factory in the middle of Lincolnshire. 

All of this blends together to create an angst-filled energy and an atmosphere that you could cut with a knife and spread on your toast. “Silence” is the final single of something the band are calling a visual concept trilogy, following their last two singles “Achromatic” and “Infinite“. Pretty cool right? You can check out their new video below!

“Silence is our relief, a release of pent up emotions when holding on to creativity and integrity whilst making your passion your career. It’s not just artists and creatives, it’s anyone who feels the pull of doing something against your own beliefs in the hope that it’ll take you to the next level. The video also focuses on the idea of comparing yourself to others, something that can be toxic but, is rife today, especially through social media. Like with the rest of the trilogy, we offer no answers. ‘Silence’ a commentary that we hope might find someone that needs to know they’re not alone and that other people feel the same” – Says the band about the single.

With support from countless magazines and blogs (including us, wooooo!), live shows supporting Maverick Sabre and GoGo Penguin and plays on The Only Way Is Essex of all things, there’s no doubt that Deliah are headed towards a swift upward trajectory.

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