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Fizzy Blood – “Pink Magic” Single Review

Over the past few years, Leeds band Fizzy Blood have made quite a stir. They’ve played in Korea, Texas, Germany, Prague and more. They’ve smashed out sets at Reading, Leeds & Download Festivals, and they have a tremendous back catalogue including team favourites “Pawn” and “Animals”. But today we’re here to talk about their April single “Pink Magic”.

With a history as strong as they have, it’s not hard to believe that Fizzy Blood have knocked it out of the park yet again. Where to begin with this track…. “Pink Magic” challenges genre conventions in every sense of the word. It’s a big dirty mash up of grunge, pop and indie, with a monster of a synth layering itself through the entire thing. The track begins with the synth churning away like something out of a Muse song, with some signature Fizzy Blood riffs sprawling over the top. Lead singer Benji’s vocals stand alone, sounding very much like “the last man standing”, that he claims to be. This track is such a symphony of different styles that I’m having a field day in my notebook trying to describe it.

In the UK music scene it’s easy to get boxed in, we’ve managed to tour with the likes of While She Sleeps and then go straight on the road with Spring King, very different crowds and very different music. However, all this has taught us is that we’re not a metal band and we’re not an indie band. We want to be the band that excites all listeners of music and more, so stop giving out titles and just enjoy it.” Says the band.

Damn right. Not every track has to fall into an existing genre. Modern music is crying out for more originality, and with “Pink Magic”, Fizzy Blood have given us just that. With continuing praise from fans and press alike, the Fizzy Blood train shows no chance of stopping any time soon.

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