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Geowulf // Live @ Sound City Review

We all need some Aussie beach pop now and again! Geowulf are the newest Australian beach pop band to grace our cold British ears, and their name is also a play on words from a famous Scandinavian monster poem. Not a sentence you get to write every day. They also just so happen to have played at Sound City this year, so we made a quick detour to Districts on the Sunday of the festival to see them. 

Geowulf have such a warm vibe to them. Their recent album ‘Great Big Blue’ showcases their ability to purvey many different emotions through their music, and the same holds true live. Despite having some of their tracks a little more downbeat, and the lyrical content a little sadder, you can’t help but be happy when you’re watching them. Singer Star had a smile on her face throughout the whole set, and so did I. Their music is the epitome of summer relaxation. Hazy guitars, cheerful melodies and washy synth make for a perfect soundtrack to a summer festival. What a coincidence! They actually asked the sound engineer to cover the vocal tracks in ‘oceans of reverb’, which was perfectly worded. Their finale track was ‘Saltwater’, which is arguably their best known track, and our favourite.

Geowulf Live | Kycker Review

Another thing to be said about Geowulf is that none of the members feel the need to dramatically show off, and because of that, they excel as a group. We thought we had missed them when we first arrived at District for their set, so our days were made when they came on. We love Geowulf.

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