Hanover – “Saw You Alone” Single Review

4 piece electro-pop group Hanover are from Merseyside, and take influence from the likes of The 1975, LANY, and Years & Years. They carry a sound that is not too dissimilar to the recent surge in neo-80’s pop, only far more refined. Hanover’s sound is characterised by synths that are both modern and retro, if such a thing is possible. 

“Saw You Alone” is the newest single from Hanover, released on the 25th of May. It sports synth sounds of every description, from modern sweeping bass synths to retro keyboard sounding melodies. Hanover have really nailed their vocal sound with this track, having consistently sleek sounding harmonies both high and low that give the track its polish. 

This track, with all its glistening synth-wave retro smoothness, shows off the fact that the band have solidified their sound down to a T. We’re sort of gutted that we missed them at Sound City back at the start of May. We will however be looking forward to their debut EP that is apparently dropping later this year. 

As a side note, Hanover, really have their branding nailed. For any artists that are struggling with their branding, taking a leaf out of Hanover’s book wouldn’t be a bad shout. If anyone is considering a late night road trip somewhere warm any time soon, this song is for you. 

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