hayfever – “ourself (care)” Single Review

This time of year it’s always healthy to get a little indie emo pop in your system. The newest providers of this prescription are hayfever, an ’emo – dreamo’ three piece from Sheffield. They just dropped their newest single “ourself (care)”, so here’s our review! 

The band’s new single embodies all the crisp, dreary, emotional vibes that a band like this needs. Frosty guitars, raspy vocals and wholesome melodies all add up to build a strong track that shows great promise and potential for hayfever as a band. Breezy harmonies and resonant guitars make the chorus one to remember, and the track’s unusual structure are a real stand out among the genre. As is standard with emo pop in general, “ourself (care)” gives off some majorly gloomy vibes, but not to a point of sounding depressing or sterile. Instead, the track gives us a fresh, airy sound that perfectly punctuates a foggy day in February.

Hayfever are a brand new band, with this only being their second single. Only time will town how their sound will evolve into the all-singing-all-dancing emo machine that that they no doubt will become.

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