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Holy Two – “Invisible Matters” Album Review

This French epic synth duo were one of the best artists I saw at Zandari Festa this year. Holy Two are Elodie & Hadrien, and they put on one of the best shows I have ever seen. Despite there only being well, two of them, they dominate the stage with an effortlessly stylish performance and fantastically crafted songs. I’m slightly gutted I didn’t have the camera with me when I saw them, so I wasn’t able to put together a decent live review. So I’m reviewing their album instead.

“Invisible Matters” is a whopping album sitting at 13 tracks. It opens with the eerie “Prelude”, a brief verse of choir vocals that sounds like a warped version of “Bohemian Rhapsody. Next, we’re straight into “Festin”, one of my current favourite tracks. Brooding bass tones and neo-retro synth melodies make this track a massive stand out, and we’re only two songs in. Third up is “Misunderstood” that opens with a spoken word intro, but ends up throwing Blade Runner-esque sounds, chest churning bass, awesome French rap and whirring guitar at us by the one minute mark. What a song. Next up is “Play This Part” which is a sci-fi ballad that blends strained chords with ethereal vocals. Fifth is “Only Love”, which is a gentler track with epic layered vocal lines. Next comes “Drop Out”, a hard hitting synth pop anthem with clubland synths and bubbling bass sounds with standout rhythmic vocals. “Chaos” is an ambient guitar driven track that would be perfect advert music for the first commercial flights into space. “Chalk Farm” is another personal favourite, with a menacing bass sound, layered vocals and one of the most sweeping, emotional choruses on the album. 

Next up is “Undercover Girls”, one of Holy Two’s most well known songs, and for a good reason. Catchy riffs and a brilliant chorus make this another standout song. “When You Fall” is another big one, with tender vocals opening the track but a futuristic rhythm smashing defining the buoyant chorus. Next up “Free The Devil” a synthy halloween trip that boasts some of the most awesome synth sounds I have ever heard. “Orage” is a subtlety beautiful and expressive waltz that is sung entirely in French. The final song on the album is “All My Friends Are Gone” a winding, guitar ballad comedown from the mix of emotions that we’ve just been subject to. 

This album is amazing, no doubt about it. Holy Two mix modern synth pop with deep bass, revolutionary guitar sounds and fantastically written vocals (both sang and rapped) to fashion an album of elegant, refined modern music. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a fan.

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