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Hot Soles – “Hanging Loose” Single Review

Hot Soles are Sheffield’s resident sugarbeat duo. ‘What does that mean?’ I hear you ask, well, I don’t know. But it sounds pretty good. Hot Soles have been a major force in the Sheffield scene for some time now, despite only putting out one single in 2015, and then nothing until now. ‘How have they done that?’ I hear you ask. Well, they’re bloody awesome. 

“Hanging Loose” is the new single from Hot Soles that channels a hefty amount of their signature rock ‘n’ roll energy, coupled with a fiery feelgood riff that makes this track one that may actually cause you to erode the soles of both your feet and your Doc Martin lookalikes. “Hanging Loose” boasts powerful rock vocals that are not too far flung from the likes of Royal Republic. 

Oh by the way, Hot Soles are a two piece. They have Kieran (guitar & vocals) and Richard (drums), but yet they still have the ability to fill a large room with enough energy to drive a sloth to athletics. 

Hot Soles played at our stage at Liverpool Sound City back in May, where they took their performance out into the street, surprising plenty of unsuspecting passers by and angry taxi drivers, as you can see from the header of this page. You can check out their video for their first single “Glorious Blunder” below!

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