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KOLARS // Live @ Sound City Review

KOLARS are a self described “Desert Disco Duo” from the USA, who blend glam rock, country rhythms and grunge together to create their unique sound. Alrighty then. We caught their set at Hangar 34 for Sound City, and they put on quite a show. KOLARS consist of two members, Rob (guitar / vocals) and Lauren (drums / tap dancing). That’s right, tap dancing. We’ll get to that later.

So KOLARS are what we would describe as an ideal festival band. Their feel good music, energetic performance and visual presentation is the perfect concoction for a festival. With catchy beats, dirty guitars and singalong vocal lines, KOLARS knocked out a great set at Hangar 34. So, now into the main point of this review. The drummer. WOW. Performing a tap dance routine on an over turned bass drum was one surefire way to grab the crowds attention. What an idea. No one in the Kycker team can drum, even remotely. But this drummer has made us want to start. We have never seen anyone make playing drums look this fun before. 

KOLARS Live | Kycker Review

Not to mention that Rob’s guitar actually matched Lauren’s dress. These guys know how to present themselves. Overall KOLARS were a treat visually and aurally. Feel good music, feel good dancing and feel good presentation. We feel good about KOLARS. 

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