Kosmonauts – “Falling Apart” Single Review

Manchester based indie quartet Kosmonauts are currently taking part in a self styled interstellar adventure. Since their debut single back in 2017, have been on a surefire way up, which is kind of necessary for a trip to space, isn’t it? Their newest single “Falling Apart” dropped from orbit on the 22nd of February, so here’s our review!

“Falling Apart” blends hazy British indie with a hint of what the nitpicky among us would call ‘Pacific Northwest Emo’. Glassy, dissonant guitars, belting vocals and a smooth, grounding drive from the rhythm section make this track quite an eye opener. While instrumentally this track offers up some delicate haze and glossy indifference, the vocals are unmistakably Mancunian, which adds a certain grit to the song as a whole. “Falling Apart relates to the outsiders view on a failing relationship. Rather than being about the actual pain suffered it’s the anguish you feel for a couple that you can see are breaking down. A relationship that you also want to try to revive but the only option you see feasible is to part ways and start a fresh.” Say the band about the single. 

“When we started writing we wanted to create a song that retained our Kosmonauts sound, whilst also embracing the contrasting influences we have gained in recent times.” This is proven by the bands talent for seamless genre blending, giving us a wonderful mishmash of both British and American styles in “Falling Apart”.

Kosmonauts show not only potential in their trajectory as a band, but also massive potential to be one of the frontrunners of a new style of British indie, provided they maintain their current course and don’t hit any stray space debris on the way up. I’m confident they won’t.

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