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LIFE talk SXSW 2018

Kycker officially launched at SXSW back in March, and we took Hull punks LIFE along with us. Here's what they had to say about it!

They played a smasher of a set at our launch night, and then proceeded to assault Austin’s eardrums for the following week. They played shows for BBC Radio 6 Music, DIY Magazine and Austin Indie Label Fluffer Records, each of which were bloody amazing. Our resident video maker Lenny managed to steal them away for ten minutes out of their hectic week to talk about music, Texas, love and LIFE..

Lenny: Hello! We are here at SXSW in Texas with LIFE, our featured artist for March. Guys, you’ve done some awesome shows, you’re an amazing band and thank you for taking the time to do this interview!

Mez: Anytime. Thank you for bringing us out!

Lenny: So, on the first night that you played for us, within the first few tracks, you did something. You created a very terrible atmosphere for a lady who was watching. Would you like to talk us through exactly what you did?

Mez: Nah, I just poked someone’s eye out. It’s okay. With the mic stand. She didn’t mind.

Lenny: It looked like she loved it by the end of the night, that is the sign of a true showman.

Mez: I apologised on stage.

Mick: Yeah about 5 times you apologised to her. You made her dance.

Mez: Then we had a dance and it was okay.

Lenny: You made the woman’s night! I think that woman will remember LIFE for the rest of her… …life.

Stew: I also lost an eye from this band as well, so she isn’t the only one. Get over it!

Lenny: So you’ve also been doing some exploring around Austin, so how do you find it?

Loz: It’s really cool. This year we’ve managed to see a lot of different things and all the different parts of Austin. Our feet hurt now but it’s been brilliant.

Mez: I’ve got blisters on top of blisters. I took my shoes off earlier and.. well.. I think I’m gonna have to see someone about it.

Lenny: One thing that we’ve noticed is the weird shops. What’s the weirdest shop you’ve been in so far?

Mez: We went to a shop called Bongzilla, which just sold pretend weed and bongs.

Stew: I bought this nose piercing, and this scary looking guy with really long hair and his eyes were sunken into his head. When he was serving me he said really softly “nine dollars”. But I didn’t hear him, I was chatting to Loz. So then all of a sudden I just heard this scary voice go “DIDN’T YOU HEAR ME?!” And I looked down at him and he was staring at me, so I was just like “Sh*t man, let’s get out of here.” But it was a nice place, nice guy.

LIFE Live SXSW | Kycker Article
Photo Credit: Tynesight Photography

Lenny: So, we’re all here for music. What bands have you seen? Who’s your favourite artist that you’ve seen? And you’re not allowed to say LIFE.

Mez: I always take a mirror on stage so I can watch us.

Mick: That’s why he always stands on the bar.

Stew: It’s written into my contract that I’m not allowed to watch any other band other than us.

Mez: We watched IDLES yesterday, we’ve played with them a bunch of times, they’re our mates.

Loz: We also saw Hinds the other night at a pool party, that was really good. We saw a guy with a massive beard who looked like George Michael reincarnated but played music like Skrillex. He was good.

Lenny: So is there anything else about SXSW you want to tell the lovely people at home about?

*Golf cart drives past*

Stew: That. That’s the best thing about Austin. That guy. One day we’ll be in a golf cart.

Mez: That’s the dream.

Loz: Seeing Mez jump in a three-foot pool and then scrape his chin, that was good.

Mez: I was trying to be a whale.

Stew: He went down and when he came up it was like he had a goatee but it was just blood.

Mick: Come on Mez, you’re good with moments.

Mez: Hmm, there’s some nice looking trees and weird sounding birds. What are they? It’s like Jurassic Park noises. I think we’ve really just enjoyed discovering all the back alleys and different streets, and everything about Austin. This year we’ve tried to embrace the city a bit more, I think that’s important because that then dictates how you see the city, and how you perform.

Lenny: Any tips for anyone who’s hoping to come to SXSW next year in 2019?

Stew: Bring some comfy shoes.

Loz: I’m bringing some swimming shorts next time.

Lenny: So on that note we are going to limp back to the hotel. Thank you to LIFE, people can check you out at, and you can check us out at Thanks guys!

Loz: See you later!

Mez: Thank you very much.

You can check out LIFE at, and listen to their debut album “Popular Music” here! Here’s a little video we made about their time at SXSW! Sice this article was written, LIFE dropped an awesome new single entitled “Grown Up”, check out our review here!

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