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La Lune – “love/sick” Single Review

La Lune is the music of Brighton based Olivia Judd, who (at 19 years old) is already making music of an incredibly high quality. La Lune channels a modern, ambient sound coupled with a dash of neo-80’s pop to create a highly refined, fresh sound. 

Her new single “love/sick” came out last Friday, and it’s probably the best track of this style that I’ve heard this year. The song combines deep, resonant sounds with synth melodies similar to modern indie dance. 

This track is very reminiscent of The Japanese House, an artist who uses similar techniques. Whether they have influenced her or not, La Lune has blended elements from all corners of modern music to create a sound that is atmospheric, resonant and uplifting. 

“Usually the majority of my writing is autobiographical, but after a period of writer’s block, I decided to search for more external inspiration, and began to observe the people around me, and write about them and their situations.” Says Olivia about the track. “I was giving a friend of mine some advice as they were having relationship-troubles. They said to me, we’ve got a lot to undo,’ and that phrase really stuck with me. This is what inspired ‘love/sick’.”

“love/sick” follows her new EP “Bliss” which came out early this year, with “Lucid” being a standout track. La Lune is one of those rare artists that channels so many influences and sounds from different places that there is an infinite amount of possibilities as to which direction it will go. I for one would like to see them all. 

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