La Lune x Seeva – “Heartstop” Single Review

Here at Kycker we’ve been fans of La Lune for quite a while. She blends retro synth sounds with a refined modern pop crispness, and molds it all together with a great brand. She’s been on a slow but steady rise through the ranks of the London / Brighton underground scene for a while, and has just dropped a single alongside Seeva, and it’s taken off quite a bit. Here’s our review!

“Heartstop” kicks off straight way with dual vocals from both artists, punctuated by passing lead synths that ooze that neo-retro sound that I love so much. This song is reminiscent of The 1985 in terms of it’s synth sounds, but it also echos influences from both modern chart pop, and even a little tropical house. The combination of mid range vocals from Seeva and the higher melodies from La Lune blend together perfectly amongst the whirlwind of synth sounds, but luckily each of them get a verse to show off their own vocal ability, which cannot go unmentioned.  All in all, this single is a catchy track, and one of those rare songs that blend retro and modern pop seamlessly. If La Lune keeps dropping songs like this and collaborating with artists of Seeva’s calibre, I can see a very bright future ahead for her!

Since La Lune is such a captivating artist, we ended up throwing loads of questions at her. So we figured why not let you lovely people hear the answers too!

Q1: What’s the meaning behind your newest single “Heartstop”?

A1: Tarun (Seeva) and I sat down together on the evening of Valentine’s Day back in 2017, single and alone, to write a song together. Although that sounds somewhat tragic, we are so excited and proud of our song. It was my first experience of co-writing, so it was really interesting to witness another songwriter’s process, and merge our ideas.

Q2: Back in December you spent a few days in Portugal, alone with a piano, to get some new material down. What gave you the inspiration to do this?

A2: I did! It was amazing. I decided to do it because writing this second EP was so hard – I felt so creatively stunted, and had the worst writer’s block I think I’ve ever experienced! It sucked, a lot. I remember sitting in my room in Brighton losing my mind because everything I wrote sounded false and contrived, and I felt like I just needed to physically leave all of my messy thoughts and anxieties behind, and get away for a bit. Being by myself with just a piano was probably one of the most nourishing experiences I’ve ever had. I felt so peaceful, and the writer’s block pretty much alleviated itself instantaneously. It felt so refreshing to truly feel as though I was entirely removed from normal life, and to explore somewhere new.

Q3: You’ve managed to create plenty of visuals and branding that fit so perfectly with your music, with the washed-out images and pastel colours. How did you decide on this aesthetic?

A3: Aw, thank you! I think it came quite naturally to be honest. I’ve always really enjoyed photography, and I take pictures all the time, whether it’s on a proper camera or just on my phone. I really like the whole minimalist approach, and I think my music and visuals reflect that, so they slot together quite nicely.

Q4: What’s on the cards for you live-wise? Are you playing any festivals or running any tours?

A4: At the moment I’m still mostly gigging in Brighton and London, and I’ve also got some festivals lined up over the summer, which I’m really excited for. It’s really nice to be gradually branching out of Brighton and London, and playing gigs around the UK. No tours yet, though, unfortunately!

Q5: Your newest single is a collaboration with fellow electronic artist Seeva. Can we expect more collaborations in the future?

A5: Collaborating was a totally new experience for me. Tarun [Seeva] is a good friend of mine, and we both have a massive mutual appreciation for each other’s work, so the whole process felt very easy and natural. I’ve actually already got a couple more collaborations in the pipeline, but it’s very early days. It’s really fun to work with other people, though, and I’m enjoying having that as well as my own projects.

With her newest track flying all over social media and Spotify playlists, and rumours of even more new music on the way, I can tell that La Lune is going to be known far and wide very soon. 

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