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Laybricks // Live @ Zandari Festa Review

Korean duo Laybricks are hot on the Korean scene at the moment, having released their awesome debut album “People People: We’re All Diamonds earlier this year. Laybricks are a Korean duo that blend pop rock with indie, folk and psychedelia, and they’ve made a bit of a stir in Korea this year. We caught their Zandari set at KT&G Hall yesterday, so here’s our review!

Laybricks employ acoustic and electric guitar, live and synthesized drums and many, many samples in their awesome performance. If you’re a fan of ultra feelgood pop, you’ll love Laybricks. They have a talent for effortless harmonies with their smooth blend of male and female vocals. There is some real talent on show with this band both vocally, musically and presentationally. They manage to blend pop, funk, indie, and even a hint of quirky folk, and it still comes out sounding awesome. With their great pop riffs, amazing synths & samples, along with excellent physical presentation, there is no way you couldn’t enjoy Laybricks. 

Laybricks Live | Kycker Reviews

Speaking of presentation, check out the guy’s suit. Only he could pull off that suit / red converse combination, I feel. Laybricks are real masters of crowd interaction. With plenty of ‘woah-oh’s’ to go around, they had the audience screaming along for a solid 40 minutes. It was pretty intense actually! At one point the lead singer had two back and forth vocal parts going with the crowd at once. Most impressive of all is how humble and grateful Laybricks are to their audience. Despite having one hundred or so adoring fans at their feet, there was nothing but love.

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