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LIFE – “Grown Up” Single Review

LIFE. You know ’em, you love ’em. Hull punk four piece LIFE dropped a stream-only link to their new single “Grown Up” last week, and exciting times are ahead. Ever since their debut album “Popular Music”, LIFE have been here there and everywhere, including to Texas for SXSW with yours truly back in March. After being championed by pretty much everyone for their album, if your new music radar is missing LIFE, there’s something wrong. Here’s our review of “Grown Up”!

“Grown Up” is a short offering, sitting at only 2 minutes and 15 seconds, but LIFE don’t need long to deliver. The single is two minutes of vocal focused punk at its best, from the megaphone sounding vocals to the sharp old style punk bass, “Grown Up” is a little packet of fire. The driving beat never lets up, the guitars sport LIFE’s signature modern twang, and the attitude of the vocals is everything we’ve come to love about this band. Vocalist Mez had this to say about it:

“Grown Up is about getting to grips with adulthood and wanting to fall in love again. Seeing the decay of human life as it ages in a park with the dying swans. Is there hope between the space on your plate as you fork at your tea? Can you be too grown up for love?”

No doubt the track is but a taster of things to come, but after their debut album, the band have a lot to live up to. However, we know what LIFE are capable of. Do not worry. The guys dropped a lovely DIY video a few weeks back, featuring some very attractive people from the Kycker Team!

“Grown Up” dropped in full on the 15th of June, amid a flurry of summer shows in Wakefield, Hull, London, Leicester and more. We’ll be catching them at Tramlines Festival on the 20th of July in Sheffield, and if you’re in Sheffield and know what’s good for you, you will too.

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