Manuka Hive – “Slave” Single Review

Self described as “imagine Primal Scream having a rather steamy relationship with T-Rex, while adding the eccentric noises from Noel Gallagher’s newest album”, Manuka Hive know how to write a bio. Take note folks.The quirky genre-benders have just dropped a new single called “Slave”. Here’s our take!

Ending the year with a bang, the new single “Slave” is a grizzly yet glamorous journey into obscurity. Don’t be put off by my use of the word ‘glamourous’, this track is equal parts grit and glamour. The track blends hints of 90’s indie with elements of psych pop and noise rock, all the while layering catchy melodies and a thick, palpable attitude that’s hard not to enjoy.

A snarling cacophony of vocal hooks rests atop an ocean of reverby fuzz and coats it all in that familiar northern attitude. “Slave is our second cosmic offering to date. It’s dark, it’s punchy, and the one that really shows through all our different influences.” Says the band. Check out the track performed live at Cafe Totem for Exposed Magazine below!

Following a support tour with Deap Vally across Europe and slots alongside The Blinders, Avalanche Party and Spring King, its safe to say that Manuka Hive have had a solid year. And with a return to Europe booked for 2019, it looks like next year will be even bigger.

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