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MOLLYANNA – “Thief” Single Review

MOLLYANNA are a female fronted, grunge / pop band from Sheffield, who have been selling out shows in their hometown for the past year, along with notable support slots alongside Leeds grunge group ALLUSONDRUGS and Kycker pals Hands Off Gretel. The band also headlined Sheffield’s Cafe Totem on Saturday 31st March for a packed out release show.

Their most recent offering “Thief” is a clear evolution from their previous single “Louder” which was released in 2017. While it’s fair to assume that “Louder” was strongly rock influenced, with piano melodies and heavier guitars, “Thief” is a modernised, refined version of what we’ve come to expect from a greatly inventive new band. “Thief” begins with a distant, finger-picked guitar progression accompanied by singer Bernadette’s gentle vocal line.

The track kicks in with all it’s harsh and twangy glory after a short intro, with guitars reminiscent of mid 2000’s alt rock combined with modern indie rock. Bernadette’s voice is perfectly suited to this track. The coupling of her high, sweeter sounding voice with her more powerful shouts fit perfectly with the type of track this is.

“On first listen, Thief probably sounds like it’s about one person, one love lost. But it’s actually built up of a thousand memories of times I f***ed up.” Says Bernadette about the track. “Pretty much every line is about someone different, but the narrative remains the same: I’ll always be a thief and I’ll always run away from problems.”

In our opinion, the guitar sound and lead vocals really make this track. The guitars retain a strong British-ness with their gritty tone, but it is clear that inspiration from the US rock scene is present with the vocal style.

At a solid 4 minutes, “Thief” is a very strong offering from MOLLYANNA, and we look forward to catching them live some point soon!

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