Our Favourite Artists of 2018

2018 has been a big year. Not only was it Kycker's first year as a company, we also got the chance to see loads of fantastic new artists. What better way to cap it off than to talk about our 10 favourite artists of the year?

We wouldn’t be much of a music company if we didn’t give a little love back to the artists that have really got us excited this year. The Kycker team collectively loves all styles of music. Indie, rock, pop, rap, classical, samba, whatever. So in no particular order, these are 10 artists that have blown us away this year!


Nominated by: Joe // Top Pick: Alone

“SCARLET put one thing above all else: writing great songs. Every single one of their songs is catchy, rhythmic and brilliant. Their intense desire to constantly improve and build on their already solid foundations is something that every band should aspire to do.”

Check SCARLET out here!


Nominated by: Lenny // Top Pick: In Your Hands

“When you look at artists that are embracing the DIY ethos, no one can top LIFE. They are full of energy, write some damn catchy songs and are thoroughly nice people. Bands take note, that is THE killer combination.”

Follow LIFE here!


Nominated by: Autumn // Top Pick: Reckless Tongue

“I like bands I can dance to, and Airways have that down to a T, with an infatuating attitude and a varied yet lovable energy. If these guys come on when I’m out on the town, you can bet that I’ll be bouncing about!”

Inhale a bit of Airways here!

Puma Blue

Nominated By: Joe // Top Pick: Midnight Blue

“I didn’t even know this kind of music existed before I found Puma Blue. He blends lo fi guitars with the most effortless vocal i’ve ever heard (aside from maybe Tony Bennett) and throws in some serious emotion. His new EP is his best work yet, and having it play while driving at night in the rain feels like I’m in an old noir movie with Humphrey Bogart in my passenger seat.”

Get deep with Puma Blue here!

Calva Louise

Nominated By: Lenny // Top Pick: I Heard A Cry

“Most beginner bands fall into the trap of sounding exactly like one of their influences. I don’t think Calva Louise could be any further from that, I can’t even describe how they sound without being overwhelmed. If you think the standard 3-piece setup has run dry, Calva Louise are here to prove you wrong. It’s weird, it’s wonderful and it’s worth your ears.”

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Nominated by: Autumn // Top Pick: The End

“DMA’s have a special place in my heart. Their music is anthemic, yet effortless and easy to listen to. They are the kind of band that gets an entire room shouting at the top of their lungs at 2 in the morning. The fact that I changed the dates of my Christmas holiday to catch their Sheffield show says enough I think.”

See more of DMA’s here!

Jade Bird

Nominated by: Lenny & Autumn // Top Pick: Uh Huh

“I’ll be honest, I don’t like country, I barely like folk and I’m not too keep on pop. Every bit of evidence should suggest that I wouldn’t like Jade Bird and yet, here we are. It might be her belter of a voice, or maybe the fact she writes incredible songs. Whatever it is, I want more.”

Image owned by Tim Mosenfelder / WireImage

Get Jade Bird in your life here!

Holy Two

Nominated by: Joe // Top Pick: Chalk Farm

“Imagine this; a French synth duo blasting the ceiling off an underground venue in Korea. Sounds good right? It’s fair to assume that Holy Two have put hundreds of hours into honing their sounds, performance and songwriting talents to an absolute apex. It’s hard to classify Holy Two under any existing genre, so my chosen way of describing them is this: Intense, atmospheric, stylish, retro, glittery, gloomy, great.”

Check out Holy Two here!

Violet Contours

Nominated by: Autumn // Top Pick: Electric Bodies

“Whenever festival season is calling, Violet Contours are the band I go to. If you love feel good, bouncy, danceable vibes as much as I do, you’ll love this band. Nothing makes me want to jump on my bed and sing into a hairbrush as much as this band.”

Follow Violet Contours here!


Nominated by: Lenny // Top Pick: Miasma

“DARMA are Nirvana for people who like good songs. It’s high energy, it’s loud, and it’s better than their influences combined. I don’t have much else to say about DARMA, do yourself a favour and get listening.”

Get yourself some DARMA here!

There are about another 50 artists who could have made this list, but after much discussion in the office, these are our top 10 independent artists of 2018. We hope to see every artist on this list get the recognition and love that they deserve. Without talented, hardworking and proactive artists like these, we’d all be a little sadder this Christmas.

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