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Scarlet. // Live @ Tramlines Fringe Review

I didn’t even know Scarlet. existed two hours ago. Now, they’re one of my favourite new bands. They played the Crystal Stage for Tramlines Fringe and, well, wow. It’s very rare to see a band on the absolute top of their game, but Scarlet showed me just that. 

Scarlet sound like a band who have already made it. Their ability to write and perform majorly high calibre songs says to me that this band deserve a place among the biggest artists going today. Their brand of infectious indie rock has all the elements of a band at the top of their game. I don’t like to use the word ‘infectious’, except when its absolutely necessary. I am actually having trouble getting their opening track out of my head. Their rhythm section was solid, and the choruses they have written are quite simply what so many bands are missing nowadays. Singer Jessie was clearly very into her music and was loving every second of it, which is an incredibly appealing quality for a performer to have. 

SCARLET Live | Kycker Review

Scarlet have everything they need to absolutely smash the modern music industry. To say I was impressed by this band would be an understatement. I don’t like that as a society we become desensitised to words like ‘amazing’. These days you can use a word like that to describe a coffee mug, or a duvet. But Scarlet were, without a doubt, genuinely amazing.

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