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Seaker Talks Emotion, Inspiration and Leonard Cohen

Seaker just dropped her newest single "Dreaming", so we got her in for a quick chat about inspiration, and human emotions in music.

“Dreaming” is another awesome track from Seaker, which continues to showcase her talent for excellent vocal layering, atmosphere building and crafting thoughtful melodies that stick with you after listening. 

The track is “inspired by late-night realisations and those still 4am moments when somehow we manage to find complete clarity within the night. Like waking up and feeling what you’ve known as red your whole life now feels more like green.” Says Kiran about the track.

“Fuelled by an interest in the human psyche and psychology in general, I’ve been seeking light as to who we are underneath all the layers we often grow as we navigate the world. ‘Dreaming’ comes from a place of introspection, and the idea that if we shift perspective, our place in the world can shift with it.”

Without further ado, lets get into the interview!

Q1: “Seaker” is an interesting name. What made you decide on it?

A1: It just evokes a certain feel to me. I was playing around with ideas and sounds that felt right for how I was feeling about the music I was making. ‘Seaker’ evoked some strong images in my mind. It makes me feel hopeful somehow.

Q2: You have a pretty cool aesthetic and brand with all the artwork and pictures you use. How did you decide on this style?

A2: I’m a daydreamer with my head in the clouds half the time and as a pretty emotional being, there always seems to be layers of life to strip through or think about. I wanted an aesthetic that would encourage people to embrace their dreamy side and maybe get lost for a while. I know I need that. It’s an evolving journey and another one where I try to move with gut instinct. I love imagery and I’m a visual person so this stuff is important to me. There is such a power in imagery and music combined well. I hope to develop it in time.

Q3: Your music can be pretty cinematic at times. What TV Show or Movie do you think your music would fit into?

A3: I’m not sure I can reference actual shows or films, but I just think anything that moves people in some way, and that can be so varied. Music and film/tv are such a powerful combination and can work in infinite ways. Maybe a medical drama; there are usually a lot of tears in those.. My songs tend to be quite melancholic!

Q4: I think pretty much everyone imagines their music being played out in certain situations. What situation or environment do you think would suit your music?

A4: In the car, on an open road, when there is some reflecting to be done. The stereo must be a good one though. One of my favourite ways to listen.

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Q5: Most artists go through changes with how they write songs. How do you think your song writing will evolve over time?

A5: I hope to just tap in to a more honest part of myself and keep opening up. When I look back on past material, it’s interesting as I always felt I was so open but some of the lyrics feel more guarded to me in hindsight. I’m on a mission to be as honest and genuine as possible so I just hope for that. Human connection is my driving motivational force.

Q6: If you could co-write a song with any artist, living or dead, who would it be, and what do you think the result would be?

A6: Leonard Cohen. I think I would try to sing with him and just end up crying! He moves me so much, I could only hope we could write something beautiful together.

Q7: If you could run and headline your own show, anywhere in the world, where would it be and who would you have on the bill?

A7: I haven’t gigged a lot internationally at this point and I’m sure my perfect venue is out there somewhere but for now I’ll just go with what I know. I love gigs in churches, so maybe the Union Chapel in London. I saw Ry X there and cried as it was so moving, so maybe he could come and open up and get everyone emotional.If Grouper would grace us with her presence, I would reach nirvana. We would all be in bits.

Q8: Final question. Do you know of any other emerging artists at a similar level to you that you would recommend people listen to?

A8: A few talented people have helped me out with their skills on my tracks lately so I would love to mention them. Attaque (Dom Gentry) makes beautiful sounds and made a lovely album as he travelled around India last year. Liskka make lush melodic lines and layered vocals to get lost in. My kind of vibe. Ry X is many levels ahead of me but if you haven’t heard him, I suggest you rectify that. I’ve recently fallen in love with Gia Margaret too. Stunning music.

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