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Seaker – “Words” Single Review

Seaker is the music of Kiran Hungin, a London based artist who channels influence from all over the place to form her subtle but striking style. Influences from the likes of Massive Attack, Fever Ray, Sade and Phil Collins all mash together to create a hypnotic take on modern pop. Seaker just dropped her newest single “Words”, so here’s our review!

“Words” is an atmospheric track, showing off Seaker’s talent to put together many contrasting subtleties together to create a dreamlike soundscape. An organ echoes in the background as an almost house music-esque synth tiptoes across the surface of this track. Seaker’s vocals sit perfectly within the music, with a smooth but permeable vocal line swimming amongst the deep and resounding concoction of sounds that are on show here.

“Words is about the complexities of love, so you might call it a love song, sort of. It’s about how emotions fall outside of boxes, and also about hoping you’re enough for someone you really love, and trying to explain how you feel, but the words never seem to say enough.” Says Kiran about the track. 

This single is a year in the making, with Kiran taking the time to develop her sound naturally from her Essex farm studio. With previous support from BBC Radio 6, Guy Garvey, and Amazing Radio, Seaker is gearing up for more singles coming our way very soon. If they’re all as interesting as this one, we can’t wait. 

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