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Sly Antics – “Bin Juice” Single Review

Sly Antics are one of the most exciting bands on the Manchester circuit right now, having been on our radar for a while. They blend indie rock with funk pop to create an incredibly fun, energetic sound. They’ve had praise from Radio X, BBC Introducing and Fred Perry Subculture for their past single “Lights Go Down“, which is a fantastic song in it’s own right. But today the talk of the town is their newest single “Bin Juice”!

“Bin Juice” blends a lovely gritty bass sound with a slick sounding guitar riff and sneaks its way through the verses with a smooth vocal line. This single is definitely Sly Antics’ most dare i say ‘epic‘ sounding track yet. The delay on the guitars and dual octave tracked vocals give it a sound that wouldn’t sound out of place in a massive venue, they’ve definitely got the talent. 

One of my personal favourite things about this band is the consistently funky bass lines, even if the rest of the track is more of an indie rock vibe. This gives them an incredibly infectious feel to their music.

Sly Antics might have the most applicable band name around right now, as their smooth vocals, gritty sounds and energetic, fun vibes blend together to create a sound that can only be described as ‘sly’. You can watch the music video to the team favourite Sly Antics track below!

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