Southpaw – “Secret’s Out” Single Review

Three-piece indie rockers Southpaw from Retford have been offering a grit-fueled, fiery experience since their debut EP ‘In With A Chance?’ back in 2015. Their newest single “Secrets Out” showcases the raw and ready sound that the trio have become infamous for. We’ve loved Southpaw for a few years now, since about four years ago, when two of our staff members used to be in a band together and were totally upstaged by them. No hard feelings though.

When someone mentions Southpaw to me, I automatically think “energy”, and this song is no exception. Southpaw leave nothing to the imagination with ‘Secrets Out’. The single shows off an almost funk infused indie rock sound, combining good old fashioned riffs with staggered rhythms and vocal hooks. Khalil’s vocal style punctuate the song with smooth lines and snaps of punk-ish energy, while the guitar and bass form a meaty bed for them to rest on. The single sports a hard hitting bridge section layered with interesting vocal dynamics and guitar bends, which then ends abruptly with no drama. Great. Khalil has described his attitude to performing onstage as “energy, energy, energy,” and its clear that this mindset is carried over into the studio. Southpaw always seem to maintain their live energy on their recordings, which is essential for a band of their style and proves the passion and vigour that the band have.

Southpaw are a band that have consistently written great songs for years now, and their original blend of indie rock and staggered soul influence proves that they are a band that throws all the bells and whistles out of the window and focuses on just that; great songs.

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