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SPINN – “Shallow” Single Review

SPINN are one of the newest indie bands to come out of Liverpool. They write dizzy guitar pop and sort of remind me of the kids from Stranger Things. What’s not to love? They have been releasing tracks through Modern Sky UK since 2017, so we’ve had plenty of singles and even an EP to introduce us to these guys. They just put out their newest single “Shallow”, so here’s our review!

“Shallow” is a jangly, dreamy indie track that sits at a lovely 3 minutes, and feels like the kind of track that would play in an independent film as the carefree protagonists run through the streets of their town with the sun rising behind them. The guitars in this song sound almost like chimes, and echo with a hazy, lighthearted reverb. One thing that I particularly love about this track is the fact that the bass is being treated as another guitar. This combined with breezy vocals and a well structured soundscape make this track a perfect fit for the seemingly endless summer that we’re having this year.

The best thing about SPINN for me is how lackadaisical their music feels. They have found a great combination of reverbed guitars, effortless sounding vocals and catchy, easy to enjoy songs. Sometimes, that’s all you need. “Shallow” is my favourite song that SPINN have released to date. “After Dark” is a strong second however. Having only really discovered these guys in the past month, it was very nice to stumble upon plenty of music by them to enjoy. Check out their video for “After Dark” below!

If SPINN keep releasing music that maintains their signature carefree energy, I think they have the potential to go far. Really far. And when that happens I can be really smug about being one of their early fans. 

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