Steel Trees – “Deaf in One Eye” Single Review

Working class heroes Steel Trees are a prime example of a band with that strong DIY ethic that we’re always banging on about. Having supported Deap Vally, Dinosaur Pile Up and more in the last few years and played plenty of festivals around the UK, they’ve been on the rise, slowly but surely. They dropped a new single this month, so we’re on the case!

“Deaf in One Eye” blends all the catchiness from old school rock with the fuzz and grit from modern garage style. The steady rhythm makes this track remind me of a huge, rusty train slowly pushing its way through your living room. This song is a wall of sound, made up of powerful rolling drums, abrasive guitar sounds and an evil sounding, distorted vocal. There’s nothing not to like. 

“Deaf In One Eye locals into this groove thats like driving a big pickup truck down route 66 with big tits in your faces and dollar bills in suitcases, then you wake up and you’re in South Yorkshire driving down the A1 eating an out of date Asda sandwich on a pissing down rainy day in a Citroen Picasso and the clutch is about to go.” Says the band about the song. I think that says everything you need to know!

This track has already seen plenty of praise from BBC Introducing so we’re a little late on the bandwagon, but hey ho. If you’re a fan of old school rock with modern gravel, then Steel Trees are your band. 

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