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Talkboy – “Mother” Single Review

Talkboy are a fresh-on-the-scene, six piece, indie rock-ish band from Leeds, and they just released their official debut single “Mother”. Having gathered some major, MAJOR praise from the likes of BBC Introducing, Line Of Best Fit and more, you’d have to be living under a rock to not have seen their name being thrown around lately. But is the hype worth believing? 


The band catapulted themselves onto the scene last week with their debut single “Mother”, which is a very interesting introduction for them. The single is a strange blend of modern psych / indie, early 2000’s pop, and something entirely new, and we bloody love it. “Mother” mixes reverb heavy distorted guitars with call and response male and female lead vocals, offered up by vocalists Katie and Callum. The track also benefits from subtle synth and keys that pads the sound out to be far more than just indie rock. The track is also not in standard 4/4 timings, which adds to the quirky, offbeat feel. 

In an interview with Line Of Best Fit, the band has this to say: “I think everyone has done stuff they’re not proud of, particularly whilst growing up and learning more about who you are. We want to let people know that, although you probably feel like the worst person in the world at the time, it’s ok to mess stuff up every now and again and to not always adhere to how you’d think your parents see you. Everyone makes bad decisions, you don’t need to make yourself feel worse about it, you’ll probably be better for it in the long run (whatever ‘it’ is).”

Talkboy’s mix of quirky sounds, unusual timings and lackadaisical yet upbeat feel make “Mother” an awesome track from a band that no doubt has some major potential. We’re really excited to see what Talkboy have in the pipeline for us lucky, lucky people. 

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