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The Blinders // Live @ Sound City Review

The Blinders have been making waves for a few years now, first with packing out shows up and down the country on their own, and then with their signing to Modern Sky last year that brought us their fantastic single “Brave New World”. We would have been stupid not to catch their set at Sound City this year. So we went, and damn was it good.

There’s a lot to talk about with this show. First of all, the singer & guitarist Thomas came out with some crazy looking face paint on, looking like Arthur Brown or something out of Aztec mythology. He then proceeded to seduce his crowd with the visceral energy that The Blinders are becoming famous for. Bassist Charlie spent the show jousting the audience with his bass, and Drummer Matt really shone. In all honestly, I’m still a bit stunned by the whole thing. 

Blinders Live | Kycker Review

Their wall of sound was felt by everyone in the room, and their unique brand of trippy grunge punk was in it’s natural habitat. One thing that can be told by watching this band live is that they know how to construct a song instrumentally. A lot of the time, the guitar is playing melodies separate from the bass, and many other three piece bands don’t manipulate their sound enough to make it work, and it feels thin. The Blinders negate that possibility entirely by covering the guitar sound in psychedelic effects and making the bass LOUD. It works. Perfectly.

The Blinders controlled both the stage and the crowd like masters, and carried themselves with a vigour that is rare to see. The crowd responded with mosh pits of every description, and a lovely shirtless gentleman materialising on stage towards the end, and then proceeding to stage dive, el classico.

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The Blinders have been heading upwards for a while now, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change. Their ability to harness the energy of a room and hit their crowd in the face with it is… well it’s amazing to tell you the truth. Ladies and gentlemen, this is how you put on a show.

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