The Covasettes – “Like You” Single Review

Last year saw Manchester indie-poppers The Covasettes become a real frontrunner in the UK indie scene, with their single “Top Drawer” hitting over 290,000 streams on Spotify. Not bad for a DIY band eh? It’s almost as if there’s something to this whole independent artist thing. Here’s our review of their first single of 2019, “Like You”!

This single sports a hazy acoustic intro that drowns in the band’s signature hearty harmonies. If The Covasettes vocal harmonies were to remind me of anything, it would be both a day at the beach and a hot cup of Tetley. “Like You” kicks off with it’s main riff, layered in that fresh indie energy The Covasettes have in abundance. This single could not be any catchier if it tried. It’s well rounded vocal hooks, vibrant riffs and overall wholesome sound make this track a surefire winner, and one that’s sure to go down a storm live. Speaking of which, we’ve yet to catch these guys live, but that’s definitely one of our aims for this year.

“Like you is different to anything we’ve released before. It sounds bigger than any of our other tracks and it definitely shows a different side to us; a side that we’re more than happy to embrace.” Says frontman Chris about the track. “It’s a classic love song, but with all the elements we look to add to our music, verses that are easy to settle into, lyrics you can scream and a chorus you can jump around to.” This single also came with a B-side for good measure, entitled “She Is”. This track is a wholly acoustic one, sitting at just under 3 minutes of bittersweet indie goodness.

Overall, the fact that The Covasettes have dropped yet another great single is no surprise. The fact that it’s almost certain to do well and propel the band forward is no surprise. But what is a surprise is that this band simply appeared out of nowhere, and are now one of main players in the DIY indie scene. And damn, do they deserve to be.

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