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The Covasettes – “Wild” Single Review

Manchester indie band The Covasettes are one of the new indie scene’s fastest rising bands. Their last single “Top Drawer” absolutely smashing Spotify, accumulating over 200,000 streams since its release back in July. This is quite unheard of from an independent indie band of this level. They just dropped a new track entitled “Wild”, so here’s our take!

The track opens with a simple yet incredibly catchy riff, and we’re straight in with hazy guitar sounds and chilled vocal harmonies. The vibe is always instant with The Covasettes, no beating around the bush. The chorus smashes in with a lovable vocal melody, and is quickly followed by some warm sounding harmonies.

The Covasettes seem to have quite a talent for lower vocal harmonies, which is a welcome change from the standard high vocals of your usual indie pop. As well as showcasing near perfect indie pop, The Covasettes maintain a certain appealing humility, and yet they are clearly absolutely confident in their songwriting abilities, and so they should be. “Wild” is 3 minutes and 14 seconds of pure indie bliss, and The Covasettes should be proud to bring consistent, modern quality to the genre.

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With the single already placed on Spotify’s Hot New Bands Playlist, this band really show no signs of stopping. If they keep releasing singles of this calibre then who knows where they could end up. I for one am pretty excited to see!

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