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The Twistettes – “Weird Me” Single Review

The Twistettes are a two piece garage rock duo from Glasgow who sport the ‘we don’t need a guitarist’ set up, with just a bassist / vocalist and a drummer. The Twistettes are one of the times where this has worked in their favour. Boasting a rough sound thanks to their beefy bass sound, The Twistettes showcase an almost punk infused garage sound that benefits from it’s simplicity. 

They just dropped a new single called “Weird Me” on Traffic Cone Records, so we gave it a review! “Weird Me” is another effortless showcase of energy from The Twistettes. Sitting at a very comfortable 2 minutes and 56 seconds, this single is a nice little package of grit. The dual female vocals work unusually well against the grit and gravel of the instrumentation, creating a nice contrast that make their sound an unmistakable one. 

The strong Scottish accent of singer Jo D’arc also works in the band’s favour, giving their take on lo fi garage punk a unique and welcome spin. “Weird Me” is partnered with B Side “Hate Hate”, which is a straight up bass cruncher. Drummer Nicky holds the reigns for most of this song, carrying the undeniable energy of this song. The vocal line of the chorus in “Hate Hate” is probably one of the catchiest that The Twistettes have ever written, and we love it.

The awesome thing about The Twistettes is that all their songs are all short and sweet, and showcase a contagious energy that is even better live. We caught them at Zandari Festa in South Korea back in 2017 and we loved them. Yet again, The Twistettes have dropped an awesome couple of tracks that are almost dangerous to listen to while driving. So guys, when’s the next album coming out? We want more! 

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