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Thomas & The Empty Orchestra – “Let Go” EP Review

Thomas & The Empty Orchestra is the music of Thomas Matthew Bower, a Sheffield based singer-songwriter who sort of coined the term “emo-folk”, back when he made his debut back in 2016. Since then he’s been evolving constantly and drip feeding us an assortment of beautiful music. Channelling influences from the likes of Bon Iver and Nick Drake and even a sprinkling of Paul Simon, Thomas & The Empty Orchestra gives us a look into a new kind of acoustic music.

His latest EP “Let Go”, comes after a string of increasingly impressive singles, including a personal favourite of ours “My Old Heart” which featured a rap (yes, a rap!) from rising hip hop artist Otis Mensah. So without further ado, here is “Let Go”. “Let Go” opens with “In The Eaves” which treats us to an extremely relaxing guitar progression, and an almost Joshua Radin style vocal line. As the track progresses, we are introduced to melodies that bounce between guitar and piano, and a simple beat that pushes the track forward to the finale, which utilises some awesome sounding reversed guitar.

Next comes “Time Runs Out For Narcissus”. This is instantly a more upbeat song that talks contrarily about narcissism and selfishness. This is the shortest song on the EP at bang on 3 minutes, and uses shakers, a faster vocal line and a harmonica to create a jovial little tune, with references to Greek Mythology thrown in. Why not? The third song is “Blood Moon (No Friend)”, which is a cosy sounding track which slows down the EP and showcases some almost western sounding guitar riffs that showcase the narrator’s supposed loneliness. 

The final track is the eponymous titled “Let Go”, which listens almost like a lullaby. The guitar is incredibly soothing in this song, and the vocal line drifts comfortably eerily, if such a thing can be said. This is by far the sweetest sounding track on the EP,  with some more piano and high guitar melodies which takes us to a surprising crescendo at 3:19, where the drums and guitars kick in to an emotional conclusion of the EP.

Overall, “Let Go” is a very nice body of work from Thomas & The Empty Orchestra that showcases both his signature melancholy and his more upbeat, bittersweet edge. Check out his music video for “Blood Moon” here!

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