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WOOZE – “Party Without Ya” Single Review

To get in the spirit of listening to awesome foreign music with us heading to Korea next week, we had a listen to the new single from Korean alt-pop band WOOZE. They dropped “Party Without Ya” earlier this month to massive critical acclaim, so we’re a little late on the hype train for this one. Nevertheless, here’s our review of this fantastic track!

“Party Without Ya” is the kind of track you’d get if you put Mika in front of a modern funk / grunge band and injected with some killer riffs. The track oozes soul, with an unusual overtone brought on by the curious guitar sounds and vocal melodies.

Despite how weird this sounds, this single is very catchy and would be enjoyable to even the most casual of listeners, thanks to it’s hazy disco / indie / soul chorus. The guitar sounds on offer in this song range from shrill licks to wobbly grunge riffs, and they blend seamlessly with the modern rock beat and soul pop falsetto vocals, resulting a catchy, enjoyable track.

“Party Without Ya” came out on Beeline Records in Seoul earlier this month, and it’s getting us super hyped for seeing more crazy weird and awesome Korean bands this time next week!

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