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How To Play Better Live

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  • 29th March 2018

Before you play arenas and festivals, you have to know how to put on a show. Here’s 5 tips to help you play better live! We’ve all been there. Stood on stage in some dingy bar, in front of twelve people, shaking in your boots. But this, of course, is not what people want to see. People want to be …

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5 Tips For New Songwriters

The first rule of making it in music is simple. Write good songs. But that’s easier said than done. Here’s 5 tips for new songwriters! 1) Don’t Be Basic. There is a fundamental difference between ‘basic’ and ‘simple’. Don’t get me wrong, simplicity is fine, and works great for a wide range of genres, but to be basic? That’s a …

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10 Ways To Ruin Your Music Career

There are many ways to make a successful career in music, and even more ways to ruin one. Here’s 10 of the most common ways to ruin your music career. 1) Never Leave Your Comfort Zone. Never play outside of your hometown. Never experiment with your song writing. But most importantly, never, EVER do anything that hasn’t been done before. …