Geowulf | Kycker Review

Geowulf // Live @ Sound City Review

We all need some Aussie beach pop now and again! Geowulf are the newest Australian beach pop band to grace our cold British ears, and their name is also a play on words from a famous Scandinavian monster poem. Not a sentence you get to write every day. They also just so happen to have played at Sound City this …

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Marsicans | Kycker Review

Marsicans // Live @ Sound City Review

“Sorry we’re late, there was traffic”, was the opening line of the Marsicans set at Hangar 34 on the Saturday of Sound City. Did sitting four hours of traffic from Leeds to Liverpool dampen their spirits? No. The Leeds indie quartet took to the stage with their ultra feel-good style of indie, perfect for a festival like Sound City.  The …

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Blinders | Kycker Review

The Blinders // Live @ Sound City Review

The Blinders have been making waves for a few years now, first with packing out shows up and down the country on their own, and then with their signing to Modern Sky last year that brought us their fantastic single “Brave New World”. We would have been stupid not to catch their set at Sound City this year. So we went, …

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Calva Louise | Kycker Review

Calva Louise // Live @ Sound City Review

Calva Louise are awesome. End of review. Just kidding, but that fact cannot be overstated. The London based trio just played a set at the Modern Sky stage at District for Sound City, and wow.. i’m actually lost for words. However, I’m going to try and write some to spread the word about this band. I’m not going to attempt …

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False Advertising | Kycker Review

False Advertising // Live @ Sound City Review

If they ever make another Scott Pilgrim movie, False Advertising should be the soundtrack. False Advertising are a grunge-ish, noise pop trio from Manchester who just played a smasher of a set at The Baltic Market for Sound City. Contrary to their name, you get exactly what you’d expect. Powerfully performed and impactful rock that is still loose and careless …

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Slow Readers Club | Kycker Review

The Slow Readers Club – “Build A Tower” Album Review

The Slow Readers Club are a four piece from Manchester, who coined the term ‘indie-electro-doom-pop’ thanks to their strange hybridisation of dark synth rock and stadium worthy indie pop-esque music. As you can probably tell, I’m having trouble finding one genre to put this band under, and that can only bode well. Their new album ‘Build A Tower’ is out …

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Rival Bones | Kycker Review

RIVAL BONES – “Scars / The Great Divide” Singles Review

RIVAL BONES are Liverpool’s resident hard rock duo. Their balls-to-the-wall, two piece rock is reminiscent of bands like Audioslave and Rage Against The Machine, with just a dash of Royal Blood for good measure. With a hefty CV of live shows behind them, including playing at Zandari Festa in South Korea in 2017, RIVAL BONES have become known far and …

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