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Marketing Tip: Piggyback On Current Trends Via Hashtags

There’s no promotion quite like free promotion, and one of the best ways to drum of some PR on the house in today’s social media landscape is through the use of hashtags. By tapping into current trends, either among your fans or in the broader public conversation, you can expand your outreach and connect with new fans.   ________________________________ Guest …

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Kyckers Tips For Indie Bands | Kycker Article

5 Tips For Indie Bands

There are more indie bands around today than we know what to do with, so it’s important to stand out from the rest. Today we’re going to tell you how! Why are there so many indie bands around today? In the UK music scene, indie bands populate the vast majority of modern festival line ups, and appear more often than …

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Sunny Drummer | Kycker Article

Why Hasn’t My Band Made It?

Now more than ever, DIY music is on the rise. Every day a new artist is billed as the hottest new act by radio and press. So where are you going wrong? Most people would have you believe that music isn’t a real industry, and only the huge artists and major record labels make any money out of it. But …

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Girl Guitar | Kycker Article

Making Money From Music

The age old question. We all love playing and writing music, but if you are serious about having a career in the music business, it all comes down to money. Scratch, cheddar etc. So, how do you go about making money from music? Public opinion would have you believe that music is a dying industry, and no one makes money …

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Home Recording | Kycker Article

What The F*** Is Music Publishing?

Music Publishing can be quite a confusing subject for new artists, but it’s vital if you want to make a career from your music, so we’re here to walk you through it! So, What Is It? In every industry on earth, ‘Publishing’ is the process of releasing something into the world for public use. But in the music industry, we …

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Guitar Stand | Kycker Article

10 Ways To Ruin Your Music Career

There are many ways to make a successful career in music, and even more ways to ruin one. Here’s 10 of the most common ways to ruin your music career. 1) Never Leave Your Comfort Zone. Never play outside of your hometown. Never experiment with your song writing. But most importantly, never, EVER do anything that hasn’t been done before. …

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