Step By Step Guide: 4 Eventbrite Email Templates For Driving Attendance

In the current marketing climate, someone can easily unsubscribe from your mailing list at the drop of a hat, so rather than risk alienating potential show attendees with banal, generic emails, we here look at four alternatives guaranteed to engage your audience. ____________________________ Guest post by Sophia Vaccarro ofEventbrite These days, it doesn’t take much for someone to unsubscribe from …

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Kycker Social Media Prof | Kycker Branding

Marketing Tip: Piggyback On Current Trends Via Hashtags

There’s no promotion quite like free promotion, and one of the best ways to drum of some PR on the house in today’s social media landscape is through the use of hashtags. By tapping into current trends, either among your fans or in the broader public conversation, you can expand your outreach and connect with new fans.   ________________________________ Guest …

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