Step By Step Guide: 4 Eventbrite Email Templates For Driving Attendance

In the current marketing climate, someone can easily unsubscribe from your mailing list at the drop of a hat, so rather than risk alienating potential show attendees with banal, generic emails, we here look at four alternatives guaranteed to engage your audience. ____________________________ Guest post by Sophia Vaccarro ofEventbrite These days, it doesn’t take much for someone to unsubscribe from …

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Kycker Social Media Prof | Kycker Branding

Marketing Tip: Piggyback On Current Trends Via Hashtags

There’s no promotion quite like free promotion, and one of the best ways to drum of some PR on the house in today’s social media landscape is through the use of hashtags. By tapping into current trends, either among your fans or in the broader public conversation, you can expand your outreach and connect with new fans.   ________________________________ Guest …

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Spotify App | Kycker Article

How To Get Playlisted On Spotify

Playlisting is the new radio. Spotify is one of the best ways for new artists to grow their audiences online. But how do you actually get playlisted? To get playlisted on Spotify can be a massive booster for your audience. Having your track appear in a popular playlist can give you a listenership of hundreds of thousands. If you’ve seen …

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Team Mac | Kycker Article

10 Social Media Tips

Social Media is currently one of the biggest promotional tools in the world, and yet so many artists write it off. But that’s because they’re not doing it right. Here’s 10 Social Media Tips to help you make the most of digital marketing! High Quality Posts. Rule number one. You have to post good stuff. What do I mean by …

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Man with Hat | Kycker Article

Creating A Brand

Music is not just about the sound. You have to look the part, and make a good first impression. Here’s our guide to creating a brand for your music! What is the first thing that most of your potential fans will see from you? Your image. Your brand. Your look. So it goes without saying that you have to have …

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Red Lit Bassist | Kycker Article

A Guide To DIY Music Press

Getting featured in music press and online media can be quite a task without the help of a PR company. But it can be done! Here’s our guide to DIY music press! Step 1) – The Image. Start with a photo. It is far easier to give a good impression with sight than it is with sound. People trust their …

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