Kyckers Tips For Indie Bands | Kycker Article

5 Tips For Indie Bands

There are more indie bands around today than we know what to do with, so it’s important to stand out from the rest. Today we’re going to tell you how! Why are there so many indie bands around today? In the UK music scene, indie bands populate the vast majority of modern festival line ups, and appear more often than …

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Spotify App | Kycker Article

How To Get Playlisted On Spotify

Playlisting is the new radio. Spotify is one of the best ways for new artists to grow their audiences online. But how do you actually get playlisted? To get playlisted on Spotify can be a massive booster for your audience. Having your track appear in a popular playlist can give you a listenership of hundreds of thousands. If you’ve seen …

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LIO | Kycker Review

LIO // Live @ Tramlines Fringe Review

LIO is a Sheffield based artist who creates ambient indie-ish atmospheric music that is slightly reminiscent of Daughter. She’s already gained the love of BBC Introducing, and played Y Not Festival, Tramlines and more, so we listened to her music and now she’s gained ours too. She played a set at The Great Gatsby for Tramlines Fringe, and we thought …

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SCARLET | Kycker Review

Scarlet. // Live @ Tramlines Fringe Review

I didn’t even know Scarlet. existed two hours ago. Now, they’re one of my favourite new bands. They played the Crystal Stage for Tramlines Fringe and, well, wow. It’s very rare to see a band on the absolute top of their game, but Scarlet showed me just that.  Scarlet sound like a band who have already made it. Their ability …

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Babe Punch | Kycker Review

Babe Punch // Live @ Tramlines Fringe Review

Hailing from Nottingham, Babe Punch are a band who have seen lots and lots of praise in their four years of activity. Louder Than War, Clash and loads more have sung the praises of this band, so now it’s my turn. They came to our hometown of Sheffield for Tramlines Fringe to grace the stage at Forum on the Saturday, …

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TEEFF | Kycker Reviews

Teeff // Live @ Tramlines Fringe Review

Teeff are a probably one of the rawest two piece bands out there right now. They blend crunchy, gut punching guitar sounds with nasty riffs and powerful drums. Nothing too out of the ordinary right? Well Teeff have just about the single crunchiest guitar I have ever heard from a band of this set up. They’re from Leeds and they just …

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Seaker | Kycker Reviews

Seaker Talks Emotion, Inspiration and Leonard Cohen

Seaker just dropped her newest single “Dreaming”, so we got her in for a quick chat about inspiration, and human emotions in music. “Dreaming” is another awesome track from Seaker, which continues to showcase her talent for excellent vocal layering, atmosphere building and crafting thoughtful melodies that stick with you after listening.  The track is “inspired by late-night realisations and …

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Brooklin | Kycker Review

Brooklin – “Gravity” & “Tremble” Singles Review

A few weeks ago, Sheffield’s biggest weekend of the year saw hundreds of awesome artists play both the Fringe stages in the city centre, and loads more in the main festival location at Hillsborough Park. Ah, good old Tramlines. However, we were very excited to see a certain band there that ended up not being able to play. That band …

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MUFFIN | Kycker Review

MUFFIN – “swim.float.drown” Single Review

You would expect a band with a name like MUFFIN to sound happy and bouncy wouldn’t you? Well sod your expectations because MUFFIN are a grunge / punk quintet from Leeds who pride themselves of their big sound and bare knuckle approach to their music. Taking plenty of influence from bands like Audioslave and Rage Against The Machine, MUFFIN have …

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Sunny Drummer | Kycker Article

Why Hasn’t My Band Made It?

Now more than ever, DIY music is on the rise. Every day a new artist is billed as the hottest new act by radio and press. So where are you going wrong? Most people would have you believe that music isn’t a real industry, and only the huge artists and major record labels make any money out of it. But …

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