BASH! talk Creativity, Bubblegum Pop & LEGO!

BASH are one of the most creative, fun and vibrant new bands that we've seen this year. They made a music video out of Lego using stop motion animation and they PULLED IT OFF! We had a chat with them about it and they spilled the beans on everything BASH.

Q1: You’ve just taken part at BBC Music Introducing Live in London. How did you find it taking part in such a big event that supports growing artists?

A1: The whole experience was mesmerising! We feel very fortunate to be given the opportunity to talk face to face with some of the game changers of the music industry. Plus, we got to run around and play our songs all over the event! There’s a wealth of new talent from the artistic and business routes out there.

Q2: With 15,000 other artists at the event, how did it feel to be among so many others in the same position as you, and were there any that really caught your eye?

A2: We came away feeling rather optimistic about being a band in 2018. Amanda and Miles sat in on a lecture with the new pop artist Jerry Williams, who has just come back from signing a deal in Germany. Seeing guitar artists making progress like this excites us, and we believe this unifies youth music culture as a whole.

Q3: You guys manage to blend indie and neo-80’s pop flawlessly. What other artists influence you? How do you approach putting your songs together?

A3: Our modern influences include: Paramore, Fickle Friends, Sigrid and The Big Moon. But we all come from different musical backgrounds which helps boil the cooking pot when writing a new song. Writing can stem from having a keyboard motif, to lyrics which inspire music. We’re open listeners and musicians.

Q4: Your second single WILD dropped last month, and the video for it is pretty insane creatively. What was the inspiration behind it and how did you settle on that style?

A4: Miles came up with the idea of using stop motion for the video. It was a combination of wanting a contrast to the style of our first music video ‘Lovely, Smart and Beautiful’ (directed by Simon Keene) while maintaining our bubble-gum pop imagery. Also we think Miles wanted to show off his LEGO collection…

Q5: You guys have said that you’re big fans of Paramore. They’re a band that have undergone a major change in sound with their latest album. How do you see your music evolving as time goes on?

A5: We all love pop in the band, so we don’t see that aspect changing. Although, we may transition from synth based pop to other styles. As long as the material is strong, and it means something to people, we’re accepting of change. 

Q6: Theo Paphitis tweeted you and called you “top drawer professionals” and said you were destined for “fame and fortune”. How did it feel to have one of the Dragons put his confidence in you?

A6: Theo really knows his stuff in his field, and his words are very encouraging. We’re confident in our current material but understand there’s still work to be done. We’re just going to keep on ploughing on and see how things go.

Q7: If you had to describe everything that BASH is about in three words, what would they be?

A7: Optimistic, Energetic, WILD!

Q8: I’m sure I’m not the only one who wonders how you’re going to top your music video made entirely out of Lego. What’s up next for BASH?

A8: Writing writing writing, Dungeons and Dragons, eating sweet treats whilst maintaining a healthy lifestyle. BASHOUT

(and buying more LEGO)…….c:

In terms of energy, fun and quirkiness, there aren’t many bands that match BASH. To think that had we not we stumbled into them at BBC Introducing Live, we would probably have gone on not knowing about them. Doesn’t bare thinking about. 

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