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Kycker is an online platform designed to help you build your own music career, DIY style!

Kycker is an online platform designed to help artists grow their own careers, DIY style! After years of running a record label, the team behind Kycker noticed that there are so many quick and easy solutions to problems that artists face on a day to day basis, so Kycker was made to give artists the tools and knowledge they need to make a career in music. Kycker offers artists ways to earn money from their music, along with exclusive industry information, unheard of by most artists. So, what does Kycker actually do? Here’s a quick intro to Kycker and what it can offer you as an artist.

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So... what do I get?

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Kycker lets you distribute your music to all the major online stores (Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play etc.) for free. This means that you don’t have to pay a fee every time you want to release, like many other music distributors want you to do. Instead, we take a small 20% cut of the income, so in short, we don’t earn money until you do. Kycker has over 800 online platforms in its distribution network, which is more than any other distribution platform!


Every time you play a live show or are played on the radio, you are generating royalties. But if you are not claiming for them, you’re missing out on money! With Kycker, you can claim for your royalties easily. We have partnered with SongKick, the industry leader in online gig listings. So if you are listing your gigs on SongKick, you can enter your ID into Kycker, and we will pull all your gig listings automatically and create claims out of them. We then submit these claims to the PRS and get your royalties paid over to you. Easy.

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Kycker has many approved industry partners across many areas of the music and creative industries, such as Gigmit, SongKick, MusicGlue, Pirate Studios, Music Support, Hootsuite and more. Through these partnerships, Kycker can offer exclusive opportunities to our users. These include live opportunities with festival partners such as Sound City or Long Division, to the chance to have your music synchronised into film and TV through one of our many contacts in the world of music supervisors. Also, our list of partners is growing, so we are constantly collecting new opportunities that will be made available to you, our users!


What is the number one reason that musicians fail to have a successful career? They don’t have access to the correct knowledge. This is no fault of yours, the music industry simply doesn’t supply this knowledge, so it is very easy to make mistakes and potentially damage your career. Kycker has a database of educational videos, hosted by high level music industry professions such as BBC Introducing, PRS For Music, PPL, Musicians Union and more. We love talent, and we want to see it thrive, so its only right that we provide you with all the knowledge you need to navigate the modern music industry. We are constantly updating our video database, as there is always more to learn!

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