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The Covasettes – “Top Drawer” Single Review

The Covasettes are one of the most exciting young indie bands around at the moment. Hailing from Manchester, they add a certain down to earth, easy going feeling to a genre that has been overly saturated for a long time. They recently dropped their newest single “Top Drawer”, and it’s already been having a hayday on Spotify, being placed into the “Summer Indie” and “The Indie List” playlists. Here’s what we thought of it!

The track opens with an indie riff that’s exactly what you’d expect from a band like this. Chirpy, summery, upbeat, and fun. Our personal favourite element of this track is the vocals. There are many self styled indie pop bands that overdo the accent, either trying to seem more exotic or emotional, but The Covasettes don’t do that. Nor do they write vocal lines that try and transcend good old fashioned early 2010’s British indie. They lay down a fun, energetic but most of all unpretentious vocal line that showcases a fantastic honesty and authenticity in the band’s style. The vocals here are also pretty top knotch, with some great harmonies and layering going on throughout the track.

The guitar sounds somewhere between shoegaze and old school indie rock, which fits the vibe of the song perfectly and makes for a perfect summer mover ‘n’ shaker. In an interview with KMMREVIEWS, the band said that the track is “different, its simpler than our previous songs. It’s much more relaxed and less in your face, and we like that about it.” 

This single is a great offering from The Covasettes and we have no doubt that if they keep writing songs of this calibre, they will swiftly become one of the UK’s rising indie star. Keep it up guys!

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