LIO – “Growing Pains” Single Review

At this time of year we all need some chill-as-hell ambient indie, don’t we? LIO provides just that. Based in Sheffield, LIO channels influence from Daughter, Nothing But Thieves and more, to create her brisk, atmospheric vibes. She dropped a new single last week called “Growing Pains”, so in true fashion as a music reviewer, we reviewed it. (Don’t ever say we’re predictable!)

This new single is the most soothing slap in the face I’ve ever received. “Growing Pains” showcases breezy indie guitars combined with raw, rolling drums and one hell of a voice. The track has a huge chorus that showcases both LIO’s ability to write great hooks and her velvety harmonies. This song also has a brilliant bridge section which stuck in my head long after I heard it the first time. This is a quality that is often overlooked in music; how long it takes for something to become catchy. With LIO, it’s instant. You can hear it in her voice that the backstory of this song is seeped in emotion and self-reflection. This is most apparent in the outro, where the vocals are beautifully layered and teetering between chest and head voice like a pro. “Growing Pains originates from a pretty dark place that I found myself in a few months ago. Continuous writing and reflection reminded me of the importance of self-care and taking time out to remember that we are all amazing in our own unique way. Growing Pains was the first successful attempt in gathering my thoughts and creating something that truly represented all the confusion. If you need it, I hope it brings you the same release as it did me.” says LIO about the track.

As I said, the brisker months of the year are the perfect time to drop a track like this. Crisp guitars and emotion go together brilliantly and parches the thirst of the sentimental ones among us. 

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