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Xamvolo – “Sudden” Single Review

In case you somehow haven’t heard of him, Xamvolo is a soul artist based in London who has been spearheading the UK underground jazz scene for the past few years. After catching him at Sound City 2017 our interests were peaked, and we were given a new single last week entitled “Sudden”, released on Decca Records. Here’s our review! 

Xamvolo is known for his smooth neo-soul vocals and dark jazz rhythms, and he doesn’t disappoint with this new single. “Sudden” is covered in evocative melodies and primal synth sounds over a staggered jazz rhythm. Xamvolo has been known to describe his music as “a messy mind over raw, dark jazz grooves”, and that rings true here.This single’s ability to blend modern neo-jazz fluidity and classic dissonance is testament to this guy’s talent. “Sudden” features a vaporous rhythm with hints of noir atmosphere, that really prove Xamvolo’s ability to create a song in a tried and true style, but reinventing it to personify something else entirely. His last EP “A Damn Fine Spectacle” showcases more of the atmosphere that “Sudden” gives us, but arguably “Sudden” is a little less pop influenced, which makes it my personal preference. Xamvolo hooked up with COLOURS to give us an awesome live session of “Sudden” that you can watch below!

Xamvolo is one of those artists that just oozes talent. It doesn’t take a genius to see that this guy is going to go far if he keeps dropping songs like this, which I have no doubt about. 

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