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MUFFIN – “swim.float.drown” Single Review

You would expect a band with a name like MUFFIN to sound happy and bouncy wouldn’t you? Well sod your expectations because MUFFIN are a grunge / punk quintet from Leeds who pride themselves of their big sound and bare knuckle approach to their music. Taking plenty of influence from bands like Audioslave and Rage Against The Machine, MUFFIN have dropped a new single entitled “swim.float.drown”, so let’s give it a review!

“swim.float.drown” is a strange track that lulls you into a sense of expectation from the first few bars and then slaps you around the face and tells you it was only kidding. The intro of the track combines a twangy guitar riff with shakers (of all things) to create a sound that is almost Tarantino Soundtrack-esque.

When the track does come in, it blends some of the crustiest bass I’ve ever heard with an almost indie rock sounding guitar and a piercing oh-so-British punk vocal.

The bridge of this track blends a spoken word chant with a brooding bassline and building drums to erupt into an Audioslave style riff that ends the song. I am partial to a song that throws traditional structure out of the window and ends on a different section, other than a chorus.

“Lyrically, swim.float.drown is by far and away our most personal song, but in the same instance there comes an objective message from how you deal with instances of loss or hurt.” Says singer Matt about the track.

“The message I’ve tried to put across in the song is that when you’re facing difficulties going on inside your own head, dealing with these issues becomes far easier when you can physically visualise what you’re dealing with. I did this with lyric writing, and I like the circularity of writing a song about the emotional and mental benefits of writing lyrics.”

With the dust still settling from their debut EP and a scheduled appearance at Kent’s Neverworld Festival this summer alongside Bastille, Declan McKenna and more, the stage is set for MUFFIN to have a great year.

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