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Clea Vincent // Live @ Zandari Festa Review

Parisian artist Clea Vincent makes sweet sounding and easy going synth pop that (despite my usual tastes) I quite like. We heard that her live show was equally charming, so I headed on down to the MUV Hall for the French Night at Zandari Festa to check it out for myself. Here’s our review!

Clea Vincent’s set was one of the most feel-good things I have ever witnessed. 30 minutes of bubbly synths, lovable vocal lines and bouncy neo-soul energy was exactly what the packed crowd of the MUV Hall wanted. Clea Vincent perfectly combines retro synth dance with modern soul and pop, and it sure does work. I will admit to something; I danced to Clea Vincent. Those that know me, know that dancing for me is only done under extreme circumstances. I believe Clea Vincent live in Korea was one of those circumstances. I would imagine it would take a heart of stone to not feel warm and bubbly while listening to Clea Vincent. 

Clea Vincent Live | Kycker Reviews

I am quite a sucker for the whole 80’s neo-retro sound that has emerged in the last few years, and this set was jam packed with it, but all used in moderation. It was smoothed with a sleek modern edge (and covered in Clea’s smooth, rolling vocals of course) that made this set a surefire contender for the best so far at Zandari! Check out her video for “Chateau Perdu” below!

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