Dead Mans Uke // Live @ Uke East, Norwich

We recently caught the crazy fellas from Dead Mans Uke again, this time at Norwich’s Ukulele Festival, Uke East last week. Who knew that events like this even existed? It’s been quite an eye opener to delve into the wonderful world of ukulele festivals, and who better to take us down the rabbit hole than Dead Mans Uke? Here’s our review!

Yet again, Dead Mans Uke put on one hell of a show. This time, they got the Norwich crowds buzzing with mad hokum covers of Prince’s “Kiss”, Cameo’s “Word Up” and “Hard Times Come” by Pokey LaFarge. Something that stood out to us this time was how talented double bassist Jake is, slapping his way through the set like a madman. Frontman Tim played a cool little resonator uke this time around, which just so happens to have once been owned by Tiny Tim, the man behind the unofficial horror movie anthem “Tiptoe Through The Tulips”. 

The duo also shone with their cover of Reverend Gordon Heat;s “Please Don’t Take The Baby To The Liquor Store”, which had the crowd close to tears with it’s horrendous parenting advice, along with their covers of “Reunion” and “It Stops With Me” by folk-jazz masters Hot Club of Cowtown. One look at this band tells you everything you need to know about how rustically sophisticated they are, and any regular of the European or British Ukulele scene will tell you how engaging and charming their live shows are. For a little extra proof, check out their smashing performance of “Move It On Over” below!

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