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Puma Blue // Live @ Sound City Review

Puma Blue is the lo fi jazz music of Jacob Allen, a London based artist. He’s a pretty recent discovery for us, we found his single “Only Trying 2 Tell U” on Spotify a few weeks ago, and upon finding out he was going to play at Sound City this year, we just had to get there. 

Puma Blue’s washed out, lounge style sound was a hit with the crowd at Constellations on Sunday night. After two days of bouncy indie, ear splitting rock and everything in between, it was pleasant to hear something a little more relaxing. The deep grooves that Puma Blue and his band gave us were a perfect round off to a weekend full of talent, and his vocal performance was truly impressive. Puma Blue is known for his talent for falsetto, and he didn’t disappoint. The band’s passion for their music was obvious, with each member heavily in the zone for the entirety of the gig. With stand out performances all round, particularly from the saxophone player and drummer, this really wasn’t a set to be missed. We were also treated to a brand new track, which was a significant departure from the norm for Puma Blue, given the speed of the track that almost gave it a hot jazz flavour. 

Puma Blue Live | Kycker Review

For those of us worried about the stagnation of genre evolution in modern music, you need to look no further than Puma Blue to put your mind at ease. His eclectic mix of influences range from Tom Waits and Elliot Smith to Portishead, Jimi Hendrix and Radiohead. If that’s not a recipe for genius, then what is?

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