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Babe Punch // Live @ Tramlines Fringe Review

Hailing from Nottingham, Babe Punch are a band who have seen lots and lots of praise in their four years of activity. Louder Than War, Clash and loads more have sung the praises of this band, so now it’s my turn. They came to our hometown of Sheffield for Tramlines Fringe to grace the stage at Forum on the Saturday, so that was a prime opportunity.

Babe Punch played a set full of energetic punk songs that felt like a slap in the face each time a new one started. The twangy, indie punk guitar, mad drumming, thunderous vocals and phat bass, (yes I used a ‘ph’, I’m hip) all came together to form a fiery set from an exciting new band that deservedly filled out Forum like a sardine can. There really is no better way to describe Babe Punch than madly energetic. The constant vigour that their music showcases is perfect for this style of urban festival. Unfortunately I had to dash out before their set finished, but I’m half sure I could still hear them from the other side of Sheffield, so I think I still have the right to say they were awesome start to finish.

Babe Punch Live | Kycker Review

Babe Punch are another band that were meant for the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World soundtrack. God, i love that film. Edgar Wright, just make another one with bands I know, for god’s sake!

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